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Office Phone Systems

Spealizing in New Phone System sales with installation support and installation services plus free programming.

ESSI is a factory certified sales partner for NEC and Panasonic serving the entire nation with affordable quality systems, services, and remote programming that is  included. 
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Replacement Phones

ESSI currently has in stock replacement phones for most older phone systems less then 20 years old.  We can keep your investment alive for years to come.


Panasonic Office Phone Systems

Panasonic Office Phone Systems 

The number one reason Panasonic is and has been an excellent choice in the phone system industry is the phones and voice mail systems are forward compatible. This means if you have an older Panasonic and need a new Panasonic system, you can use your old phones. The second reason is through the years the Panasonic Office Phone Systems all work the same and the Panasonic KX-T phones all have the same buttons. This makes it a lot easier and affordable to grow your system or more importantly when there is a problem the transition is seamless and less painfull.


NEC Office Phone Systems

NEC Office Phone Systems

NEC voted #1 in customer service and satisfaction in 2014. NEC has focused on business phones for all types of business, from large business to small business with the needs of a system with as little as 3 phones to larger organizations with hundreds of phones.


Cordless Phone Capability

Cordless Phone Capability 

We have proprietary cordless phones that provide most of the same features as  a desk phone for most phone systems with what are known as compatible cell stations that extend the range of the cordless phone for larger areas such as a large home or a large warehouse area.

VoIP - Voice Over IP

The maturing VoIP for short and also known as Voice Over IP has added a lot of new features and services to the Office Phone Systems world. Features include: phone service that utilizes the internet for connectivitie, the ability to have a phone connected to the phone system at a second office location or a home office, the ability to connect two or more phone systems together for better communication abilities between locations. All the above features can result in lower communications cost.


Phone System Installation

At ESSI we provide installation services via local venders and installation support for the do-it your-selfer that has the ability to install Business Phones them self. All local installation services provided are paid to the local vender and not to ESSI.

Installation services include: phone system programming, phone system installation services, phone system cabling with Cat 5 cabling, computer network cabling with Cat 5 or Cat 6 cabling, CO drops to the office from the EMPO,

We program all the NEC, Panasonic and Vertical systems we sell using Show My PC. We login to your Microsoft computer perform the programming services and immediatly log out when we are done. A personal type computer running a Windows operating system with a high speed internet connection is required for all free programming service.


Wireless Headsets

Wireless Headsets 

The wireless headset has to be one of the greatest addigions to the business phone. Utilizing the latest Dect 6.0 technology one can walk very far away from the phone. You can go to the bathroom, the fax machine, walk to your car, etc... and never lose connection.


Business Phone System Features

With todays modern technology and with the addition to the hold button MOH, redial, muta, transfer, and voice mail we have most importantly found a way to deal with unwanted and annoying phone calls.


What to Expect When You Purchase a new System from ESSI.

You can expect courteous and professional sales personal trained to extract the right information to provide you the right business phone application to what your needs are, professional installation services, self installation support, remote programming services to make sure your new system is performing to meet your expectations, all questions answered when needed for as long as you own your new Telephone System.


Hotel Phone System

With the advent of the cell phone and the display phone for business the need for an expensive Hotel Phone System is not needed anymore. as I am sure we can all agree that most every one visiting a hotel or a motel has a cell phone for placing calls, receiving phone calls, and messaging.  The only need for a phone system in a hotel is for intercommunications when a guest needs assistance.  There is really no need for the large console as the newer reception phones have a display and will clearly display exactly what room is calling so a hotel operator can provide proper assistance.


School Phone System.

A large or small school you can count on ESSI to provide a Panasonic School Phone System for your school no matter what the budget.  We can handle a school for up to 1000 phones with digital phones, IP phones or even cost saving analog phones with all the features a school needs to operate smoothly and safely with no hiccups.




Telephone Repair Tools

Telephone Repair Tools 

We have in-stock most telephone wiring installation, wiring repair tools, and test meters for the Technician whom provides telephone wiring, installations, repairs and diagnostics.

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